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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, it's march 8. and you can see all of that traffic out there in the 580 area. probably a little more packed this morning, too, because of that "ace" train that derailed in niles canyon near fremont so a lot of people on the road already. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. early risers in the tri-valley. it's 5:00. good morning. we are learning new details this morning on what may have caused the "ace" train to derail in niles canyon. >> 214 people were on that train when it derailed. sending one railcar plunging into alameda creek. kiet do reports. >> reporter: good morning. i want to orient you now on where we are here live in sunol. so we are directly off of niles canyon road about a mile and a half west of 680/84 interchange. train was going westbound so it's going right to left. and what you're look at now is
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the front part of the train. the engine was actually in the back of the series of railcars pushing the train so the engine was not in the front. so union pacific now says that their preliminary report says that the front of the train hit a mud slide, not a tree like that was initially reported. it then derailed and then slid off down into alameda creek where it's submerged. you can hear heavy equipment up the tracks. they are slowly removing the engine and then the rear railcars one by one transporting them away. it will take much of the day to get to this dackelling railcar here. once they do, crews will have to drag the car back up the hill, set it back on tracks or flatbed and remove it. this is the ace train number 10 that was heading from san jose to stockton. this line is closed today and here is up spokesman francisco castillo to talk about the mess they have to clean up. >> i don't think any derailment
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is easy to clean up. i think every derailment has its variables to determine whether or not -- how quick they can clear it up. but we have the equipment in place ability to get the tracks cleared as soon as possible. >> reporter: union pacific says they do routine track inspections to make sure everything is safe to go through here. they are going to keep an eye on the weather. we have storms moving in this week. as far as the opening of the altamont commuter express line, no word when it will re-open this week. live in sunol, kiet do, kpix 5. nine people were hurt in the accident and kpix 5's jackie ward is at eden medical center with more. >> reporter: of those nine people, four have serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. five have minor injuries. two were brought to washington hospital in fremont. the others were taken here at
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eden medical center where they have a trauma center. we are getting the numbers from the alameda county fire department and we have calls to washington hospital and here eden medical center to try to get the latest update. passengers tell us they were extremely scared when the train went off the rails, especially since it was dark out and they couldn't see anything. slipped for quite -- >> slipped for quite a while. didn't know if we would turn over. as soon as i heard we were stable, people were screaming and crying. i went to find the conductor. i keep a flashlight in my bag, and he had flown out the window, the front window when it hit. uhm it was straight out had a bad head injury. >> reporter: and according to the passengers we spoke to the conductor actually ended up in the water of the alameda creek. he was able to get out safely. and the people who were unharmed in all of this were
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able to be home by 1 a.m. amazingly, no one was killed. from eden medical center, jackie ward, kpix 5. as el nino storms hit the bay area we have been monitoring the damage of all kinds, fallen trees, wild mud slides, powerful flooding and there's plenty more rain expected this week. heavy snow big business for ski resorts at lake tahoe. most resorts got between up to 5 to 25 "of snow through monday. sugar bowl got 24 inches of snow in the last 4 hours. you may recall last year it was about to close because of dry conditions. >> much different situation this year. >> skiers and boarders are loving it. >> you were there over the weekend. >> i was loving it. i kind of missed the big snow coming home sunday morning but we got some saturday night and a little bit friday night and the conditions are amazing. >> on sunday -- [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] >> everyone was talking about the big storm. a lot of people left saturday night and we thought, nah, we're going to have a good night.
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we left at 8 a.m. >> who told to you do that? >> um, i think roberta did. >> i heard it. [ laughter ] >> and we had some video out of the greater lake tahoe area yesterday from kirkwood and from the north star area, three feet of snow above 8,000 feet. it was amazing, because it was sierra cement but we still had pictures of people doing their little angels in the snow which is is usually dry snow but we had the cement stuff which is great for water content. today we are heading out the door and we're looking at clear skies. boy, there's a chill in the air. no reports of airport delays. temperatures in the 30s in throughout the tri-valley. 30sin santa rosa -- 30s in santa rosa, 40s in san francisco. no rain on our live hi-def doppler radar. we'll have rain overnight. looks like we have rain wednesday. thursday morning scattered showers on friday, yes, rain each and every day. here's gianna with the traffic report. on the roads, traffic alert
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continues niles canyon road shut down between palomares and main street. that's due to the ace train derailment. so we are keeping a close eye on conditions in the altamont pass. a lot of folks will be using this anyway if there's no "ace" train service today. so westbound delays out of tracy. things okay towards the dublin interchange. drive times about 14 minutes from the top of the altamont pass to 680. and again because of the derailment yesterday, there's no ace train service today. so do plan for that. bart is on time. caltrain, muni, the rest of mass transit no troubles. we are wrapping up roadwork westbound 580 at 980/24. they are clearing lanes. also between 35th and broadway clearing lace. golden gate bridge no delays marin into san francisco. pg&e faces new accusations of obstruction of justice linked to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. eight people died and 38 houses were destroyed when a pipeline ruptured in september of 2010.
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now a federal grand jury is investigating at least one new allegation of obstruction although details are not been disclosed. it's separate from an existing charge that pg&e misled officials from the ntsb. a trial on that and other charges could begin next month. campaign 2016 now. presidential candidates are crossing their fingers as voters head to the polls again today. the states up for grabs in primaries and caucuses are michigan, mississippi, hawaii and idaho. at least 150 republican delegates are on the line. hillary clinton is working hard to widen her lead over bernie sanders. the tone differed as candidates made their cases to the voters. >> ted cruz who really is a liar! he is really a liar! [ applause and cheers ] >> i want to tell people how we can fix this mess. >> what i did not vote for was a middle class bailout for the crooks on wall street. >> michigan is the biggest catch of all the states up for
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grabs. 59 republican delegates are at stake and 130 democratic delegates are on the line, as well. because it's campaign 2016, tuesday means people are fleeing their day jobs for a quick trip to the polls. for insight on today's primaries we turn to our washington insider marc sandalow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> all right. so is there anything that could happen today to change the trajectory of this race? >> reporter: absolutely! this could be the end of the line for marco rubio. he is so underperforming, the conventional wisdom was he would hang on until his home state in florida. if he does badly, he may well drop out this week so he doesn't humiliate himself in florida next week. it could also be a opportunity for john kasich. he is the quiet guy in the debate. he is the guy who isn't throwing insults. polls showing him doing very well in michigan. if he were to surprise or win in michigan, it would be a whole new story about the guy
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who could challenge trump. and -- and -- and finally tonight we could learn whether or not donald trump has peaked or not. there have been a lot of signs he is not doing as well in the polling. he is head right now in all four states that are voting today. -- ahead. and if he wins all four he is almost the inevitable nominee. if john kasich or ted cruz were to knock off trump, suddenly those -- those outbursts from trump about cruz being a liar might get louder because he could look like maybe he doesn't have this thing wrapped up. >> we'll be watching the gop. how about the democrats? >> reporter: there's a disturbing trend that's been going -- divided by race. the states are voting today. you have michigan, mississippi, hawaii, all three of them have enormous minority populations. and bernie sanders does bad when it's not whites. the white electorate is in idaho and he may win that.
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if it divides along those lines it trajectory doesn't change and hillary clinton will be the presumptive nominee. >> what is michael bloomberg's decision tell us about not to launch a run for independent candidacy? >> reporter: people on both sides of the aisle are scared to death of donald trump. bloomberg wants to be president. he has billions. he has the political backing in some quarters. and people thought this was a possible time for him. hillary was stumbling. he might jump in. but so many democrats warn if you jump in donald trump becomes president or it makes it likely he decides to back off completely. for michael bloomberg fans this is probably the end of the speculation for him. he will be almost 80 years old come campaign 2020. the next campaign. >> i didn't realize he was that old. okay. very good. >> all right, marc sandalow live in washington, dc, thank you. time now 5:10.
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more drama for apple as the justice department gets involved in their encryption case. the ruling they are appealing coming up next. >> and a woman driving a van that looks like the scooby-doo mystery machine leads california police on a chase. >> ro-ro! good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. we are tracking not just one, two or three storms but a series of storms. we'll track them together. >> and we're expecting a busy ride out of the altamont pass. no ace train service today and plus a closure on niles canyon. i'll have an alternate coming up.
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good morning. welcome to your tuesday. it is 5:14. this is a beautiful view out towards levi's stadium in the santa clara valley. clear skies there, a bit of a brief break in the precipitation today but more rain is coming. and we are going to track these storms together beginning in less than 4 minutes. the u.s. justice department is now appealing a judge's ruling in brooklyn over a locked iphone. it's the latest move in the battle about digital privacy versus national security. last week, a u.s. magistrate said apple cannot be forced to help investigators gain access to a phone's data in a drug case and, of course, a similar dispute is going on here in california over an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. it's been two years since
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malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared and crews are still searching for the wreck. the plane veered off course during a flight from malaysia to china before vanishing with 239 people on board. no victims were ever found. today is also a deadline for those families to file for compensation or sue the airline. if you ride bart in the east bay, expect delays over the weekend for the next six weekends until mid-june. crews will be working to replace nearly 1,000 wood ties between the san leandro and the bay fair stations. riders between those stations will have to use buses to get to their destinations. the closures are scheduled to last all day and it begins this weekend. a 51-year-old california woman made a break for it during a probation check. but the real drama started when she fled from cops in a scooby- doo van. this bright green ride [ indiscernible ] she sped away in redding. she was driving so fast on streets and highways that she
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ran two cars off the road. over the radios, officers described the van as anything from scooby-doo nonsense to a mystery machine. there were almost multiple crashes and police called off the craze so the woman is still on the run. >> i think she will be easy to spot. how about traffic in our part of the woods? >> a traffic alert niles canyon road still completely shut down in both directions between fremont and sunol. palomares to main street. this is because of last night's ace train derailment. use 680 or mission as an alternate. that's your best bet. no word when lanes re-open. it will be closed for the investigation. also, no ace train service today because of yesterday's accident so do plan for that. bart though is on time. caltrain and muni no delays. but we are going to see some extra busy conditions on the altamont pass this morning. a lot of folks can't use ace
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today they will be using the freeway. so we are seeing red on our sensors as you work your way out of tracy this morning. westbound 580 seeing some sluggish conditions right now so slow-and-go as you work your way through there. just until you get to the top of the altamont pass things ease up a bit. not seeing delays from there over towards 680 the dublin interchange where you make that connector to 680. we have express lanes in both directions so hopefully that will ease the traffic. south bay northbound 101 so far, so good. it's been easy out of the south bay no delays right now. guadalupe parkway and 280. also off to a very good start, guadalupe parkway and 280. eight minutes northbound 87 from 58 to 101. overturned vehicle at meridien westbound 80, might be blocking one lane, westbound delays. rest of the eastshore freeway no problems. if you are headed towards the bay bridge this morning so far, so good only 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge.
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traffic is clear out of oakland into san francisco. it is dry out there today, roberta. >> it is dry. we fired up our live hi-def doppler in search of rain and as gianna said we have dry conditions no rain in sight. we have an area of low pressure roughly 200 miles due west of san francisco. that promises to bring us some precipitation overnight. right now, this is the scene looking out towards sfo. no reports of any local airport delays. you could use a jacket out the door. livermore 38 felt like it this morning. there's a little bit of a bite to the air. 39 in santa rosa, otherwise in the 40s, oakland 51 degrees. it's a cool tuesday start. full sunshine until increasing cloud cover this afternoon. more rain by wednesday morning. high surf advisory in place until 10:00 this morning. some swells up to 18 to 19 feet. interesting doings, this is our futurecast. we cloud over today by the
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evening commute. here's your 9:00 evening forecast. this is tonight, light rain showers from the north bay spreading across the entire bay area. we'll wake up tomorrow morning with some wet pavement but this is a pretty wimpy system. everything we see will be generally less than .10". this one here for thursday morning that will slice through the bay area for the morning commute will bring us about 1.25"." between wednesday and friday 4" in the wettest locations in the north bay but around the urban areas about 2." it bears watching. this first system less than .2" in san rafael. today 72 at sacramento. 63 monterey bay. sun-up 6:32. by the time it sets tonight smack in between, enjoy the sunshine with increasing clouds. numbers will be in the 60s. i want to walk you through this very important miracle march
5:20 am
forecast. again rain begins overnight tonight. we will have the rain showers on wednesday morning. very minuscule. thursday's system about an inch and a quarter of rain in the wettest locations but between wednesday and friday, far north mountains, up to 4" of rain. we're talking an inch or two here in the urban areas. another system works its way into the forecast over the weekend. time is off for saturday, sunday monday but right now we're really focusing not so much on the storm that comes in overnight tonight but the one for thursday and friday. >> okay. thank you. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the warriors have not lost two games in a row all season. last night, the record was on the line. could golden state survive 24 turnovers? tip-off straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. no ace train service after the derailment last night. also, newark is closed niles canyon road is closed. use 680 or mission as an alternate. good morning, everybody. how would the warriors respond following sunday's shocking loss to the lakers? how about by setting two nba records against the orlando
5:24 am
magic? steph curry, that's the pose of an mvp added to his resume'. this three was special. he becomes the first player in nba history to hit 300 threes in a season. he had 41 points. but the warriors continued their sloppy play. 24 more turnovers. there's victor scoring off that turnover add golden state lead cut to two points. gut check time! under a minute left. klay thompson picks up the loose ball and hits the three! and that was the game saver. wars win 119-113 to set the nba record with their 45th straight home win. >> the fans here just love basketball and it's great to be able to finally, you know, give them something to really be happy about. so now it's the double whammy. we have the crowd that's always been there but we have the talent to go with that. >> i think right now we're depending a lot on our talent to beat people and not
5:25 am
necessarily our team play. it works against some teams but in the long run for what we want to accomplish, it's not going to work. this is a trifecta morning. the gaels will play in the championship for the wcc and the sharks, 47 caree high saves. they beat calgary. a trifecta in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. our play of the day, the sharks game winning goal. 19 seconds into overtime in calgary. watch. >> pavelski scores! >> yeah. joe pavelski got to score after taking a pass. sharks win 2-1 despite 47 shots on goal by the flames. san jose with your play of the day. 5:25 right now. the rain has stopped for now leaving plenty of damage
5:26 am
behind. a look at the worst of it next. >> reporter: i'm kiet do. we're live in pinole. it's a huge mess with the train derailment. crews will be out here all day long. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. this morning for the person responsible. a young boy struck by a driver in a stolen car. the manhunt this morning for the person responsible. >> reporter: nine people are injured in a train derailment. some of them were brought here to eden medical center in castro valley. we'll hear from the passengers next. >> good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. four inches of rain is expected. i'll show you where and when. >> and a traffic alert
5:30 am
continues along niles canyon also reports of an accident on 880. details coming up. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, march 8. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we're learning more about the frantic moments after an ace train derailed in niles canyon plunging some passengers into a rain-swollen creek. >> some first responders say it was a very chaotic scene and it could take days to clear away the wreck and re-open the tracks. kpix 5's keit do is at the scene of the derailment with new details on a possible cause. kiet. >> reporter: yes, good morning. crews have been working throughout the night to clear out this huge mess out near sunol where we are live right now. you can hear them off in the distance as they remove the railcars one by one and transport them away. there are five railcars total. you're looking at the front of the train laying on its side in the creek. we have new information this morning that the train hit a mud slide, not a tree like initially reported, but a mud slide that came down after two days of heavy rain loosened the
5:31 am
soil. the crash happened at 7:30 last night on the ace train 10 from san jose to stockton about a mile and a half west of 680 and 84 directly off niles canyon road. upon impact, the front car derailed, toppled over to the left, where it slid down the embankment into the creek. as you can, there was a lot of screaming, broken glass, luggage flying everywhere. deputies arriving on scene said it was very chaotic like out of a hollywood movie scene. >> to paint the picture when you're down there you're close, you feel like the movie the fugitive when the train is derailed and it starts your movie. but that's the kind of scene it is. it's rugged and rural and cold and dark. >> reporter: now, the sheriff's office says that they plan to release some body camera footage today to show us the crazy scene. ace says all "ace" train service is canceled today. union pacific will be out here
5:32 am
all day to clean up. kiet do, kpix 5. nine people were hurt in the accident. kpix 5's jackie ward is at eden medical center in castro valley where some of the victims are being treated this morning. >> good morning reporter: good morning. well, as of later this morning -- or earlier this morning, i should say, we do know that nine people were injured as you mentioned, four with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries, five with minor injuries. so two of the people with minor injuries were taken to washington hospital. we know that. others were taken their ed -- others were taken here to eden medical center where they have a trauma center. we are getting numbers from the alameda county fire department. we are here at eden medical center to get the details on the nature of the injuries. passengers say they were extremely scared as you can imagine when the train went off the rails so especially since it was dark out and they couldn't see anything. >> you know, trying to get people out one by one the front
5:33 am
car. walked up to the front door of the second car which is separated and the first car was on its side hanging down the embankment. front end of the first car was in the water. >> reporter: according to passengers, the conductor ended up in the water of the alameda creek. he was able to make it out safely. those who weren't hurt were able to get home by about 1 a.m. even veteran first responders though are calling this a miracle by the fact no one was killed. in castro valley, jackie ward, kpix 5. developing news out of san jose where a knife-wielding suspect was shot dead by a police officer. it happened around 6:00 last night after police got calls about a stabbing at 3rd and martha. officers blocked off the intersection after the deadly shooting. two stabbing victims taken to the hospital with life- threatening wounds. witnesses say the deadly encounter unfolded quickly.
5:34 am
>> all i could hear is drop the knife, drop the knife, i'm warning you, drop the knife. i thought, were they really going to shoot? then six quick shots. >> locals in the area say the neighborhood had seen a spike in crimes. so far this was the first officer-involved shooting in san jose this year. in castro valley, a six- year-old hit by a stolen car is likely to lose both of his legs. police say it all started when four suspect in hoodies broke into the key lock box at a livermore ford dealership and stole five cars in two hours. around 8 a.m. yesterday morning, one of the suspects crashed a stolen black supported into a 6-year- old boy and his brother walking to school. it was a black ford. >> they always walk to school together with their mother. >> he stopped on the way to school to bend down and look at worms. >> the 6-year-old's legs were
5:35 am
pinned between a car and utility pole. the 29-year-old daniel morris, the driver, fled. other suspects are still being identified. el nino winds and rains are damaging the bay and santa cruz county. this 100-year-old tree in boulder creek came down because of rain. heavy rain caused the san lorenzo river to flood homes in the area. >> this roof collapse in north san jose likely caused by heavy downpours, as well. the workers at this lab hadn't clocked in yet. nobody was injured at the ringwood avenue facility. strong waves putting a pedestrian bridge in peril. a big part of the concrete separated from the walls of the bridge. it will probably wash away with heavy surf. we have a short break from
5:36 am
the weather. >> chance of drying out a little bit. we have a small system working its way into our forecast tonight then a more vigorous system for thursday. when all is said and done, by friday we should see up to 4" of rain between now and then in the wettest locations of the north bay mountains. right now clear skies and there's a chill in the air. did you feel it last night? that shot of cold air worked its way into the forecast with a passage of a cold front. 38 degrees in livermore. it's 39 degrees in santa rosa, not seeing any kind of freezing temperatures so you don't have to worry about your gardens that you just freshly planted. live hi-def doppler radar nothing as of yet. it's breezy around some of our local bridges. otherwise, northwest at 5 in san francisco, 17 at sfo. these winds are going to increase 10 to 20 miles per hour later today out of the west. that's more of an onshore push. so we are starting off with sunshine. we'll see increasing clouds during the afternoon and we'll see some temperatures into the low to mid-60s for the first
5:37 am
time in months really below average temperatures. rain, we'll track it together coming up, but right now let's send it over to gianna. >> let's update you on mass transit. ace train is canceled today so people will be on the road especially for the 580 commute this morning. the rest of mass transit is on time right now. niles canyon road also completely shut down. there's a traffic alert there from palomares to main street. in the meantime use 680 or mission as alternates because of the investigation and the clean-up from the derailment. westbound 580 slow out of tracy. significant delays right around 205 westbound. busy at the top of the altamont pass towards 680 where you can see traffic is starting to stack up making that connector. we have reports of an injury accident south 880 right at winton. several vehicles involved blocking two middle lanes and a line of cars behind it. we are seeing delays back to 238. a sewage nightmare for some
5:38 am
residents in millbrae. the storms left behind quite a stench on he will bon nieto way. some -- el binito drive. waste and water gone on everything. >> memorabilia, children and grandchildren's stuff, everything. >> homeowners may be able to make a deal with the city to recover some of the cost of the clean-up. today demolition crews getting set for another job in pacifica this morning. the apartments at 320 esplanade will be taken down to the ground today. the building was red-tagged six years ago and the city manager says pacifica could become a test case for other communities on the coast. presidential candidates are hoping for the best as states up for grabs in primaries and caucuses in michigan,
5:39 am
mississippi, hawaii and idaho. 150 republican delegates are on the line. hillary clinton is working hard to widen her lead over bernie sanders. the tone varied as candidates made their cases to voters. >> ted cruz who really is a liar, all right? he is really a liar! [ applause and cheers ] >> i want to tell people how we can fix this mess. >> what i did not vote for was a middle class bailout for the crooks on wall street. >> michigan is the biggest catch of all the states up for grabs today. 59 republican delegates up for grabs there and 130 democratic delegates on the line. tomorrow marks 7 years since u.s. stock markets fell to levels not seen in a decade. >> the 401(k)s are healthy now. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger shares what we've learned since that monster plunge years back. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> all right. well, what have we learned and how low was it back in 2009? >> reporter: it was rough. you guys probably don't
5:40 am
remember it. you struck it from your memories. dow at 6547. the s&p 500 closed at 676. nasdaq at 1268. since then, markets have charged higher. through friday's close including reinvested dividends, the dow is up 212%, s&p 500 the broad index is up 243%. nasdaq soared 305%. that's about a 20% annualized return for the stock investors over the last seven years. if you were a balanced investor made had a bond index there was good news there. that's also risen. not by as much but 36%. probably made for a good balanced portfolio seven-year run. >> what's the most important lesson to learn from the bear market? >> reporter: i know you know this but how about if you want to take the investment ride you better prepare for up and down. you're probably going to own stocks to fund future
5:41 am
obligations like education and retirement, so you have to accept that bear market drops of 20% are just part of the process. now, there's good news. not all bear markets are as awful as last one, down 57%, the most severe since the 1930s. the corollary is that they make nervous but they are good for long-term investors. your shares may eventually be on sale. warren buffett said prospective purchasers of stock should much prefer thinking prize. cuddle up to your bear. for more go to >> thank you, jill. it is 5:41 right now. it's a sign of how much rain we have had. the folsom dam floodgates opened for the first time in years. next, how long it's been since we have seen this sight.
5:42 am
>> highway 880 in oakland is moving fine. we have traffic and weather coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. 5:44 on this tuesday. the sky is brightening up. sunrise at 6:30. by the time it sets tonight at 6:11, all those clear skies will be replaced with cloudy conditions. i'll talk rain and when to expect it in less than four minutes. near uc-berkeley another sexual assault is spreading fear among female students. it happened sunday just before midnight near aetna and parker streets. police say the suspect grabbed the victim from behind then dragged her to the sidewalk and sexually assaulted her. it's the fourth attack near campus in just a few weeks. police believe the same man may
5:45 am
have committed them all. >> we believe at this point could be based on the style of the attack and the area where they are occurring, because it's all within a few blocks of each other. >> surveillance video captured this man running from an earlier attack. police believe he may be responsible for the string of recent sexual assaults. two people are in jail after a napa man took the law into his own hands. police say a man spotted two people walking around his work truck suspiciously and that's when jumped into action grabbing his gun and approached the suspect. he tried to make a citizens arrest even firing his gun but the two got away. police don't want people to handle robberies like that. >> protecting your property is absolutely within his right. i think at the conclusion, i would not recommend it. there could be people out walking around. sometimes you put those people in a little bit of extra danger. >> police were able to catch up with the duo. they say the suspect are a 29-
5:46 am
year-old man and 28-year-old woman, both with extensive criminal records in the bay area. folsom lake got so much rain, the floodgates were opened for the first time in years. the bureau of reclamation says they have about 8,000 cubic feet of water rushing at folsom per second. the last time they even came close to that number was in 2012. >> about a year ago we releasing about 900 cubic feet per second so we are going to be releasing nine times that much. >> at less check it was 68% -- at last check, it was 68% full. they need to keep folsom at 60% capacity to prevent flooding. >> last summer we had our triathlon canceled because there was no water to swim in. it has 5 million gallons of water right now. and its capacity is 7.3 so we're doing really well. we did all that in two months.
5:47 am
it was at historic lows that we hadn't seen for 60 years so it shows you, yeah, it's good. we have more rain coming. >> i have a lot of friends who are boaters and they are happy. >> oh, yeah. >> traffic-wise, how are we doing? >> not too happy if you use niles canyon road. we have a traffic alert niles canyon shut down, palomares to main street because of the ace train derailment that happened yesterday. alternate is 680 or mission. we are working to find out when the lanes will re-open. you can see on 680 itself we are seeing big delays through the sunol grade. people are using 680 as an alternate. ace train is canceled today. the rest of mass transit is on time. 43 trains running for bart. we are seeing extra which iscy conditions through the altamont pass. westbound 580 really slow-and- go out of tracy right now right around 205 connecting to 580. getting first reports of an
5:48 am
accident on the eastbound side of 580 right at grant line. that's the noncommute direction but sometimes that causes spectator slowing as you work your way on that westbound side so expect a busy ride through there. it's going to east up a bit at the top of the altamont pass towards 680 about 18 minutes for your drive time there. connecting over to 680, not doing too bad but southbound up seal a few delays this morning. south 880 at winton this is a big problem. several vehicles are involved in an accident. it's blocking at least the two middle lanes. traffic backed up to 238 so slow into hayward across the san mateo bridge, expect delays, as well. 880 north there was doing okay into downtown oakland near the coliseum. northbound no troubles. bay bridge metering lights have been turned on. 20 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze. you're backed up at least to west grand at this point maybe just beyond that so give yourself a few extra minutes. an accident still in effect westbound 80 at meridien. but the good news is the roads are dry but that's going to
5:49 am
inning cha, right, roberta? -- but that's going to change, right, roberta? >> yes. have you heard reports of winds on the bridges? >> yes, mobile 2 says the bay bridge was windy this morning. >> we are look out at the bay bridge this morning. sustained winds at 12 miles per hour. we see a few clouds but generally clear skies. there's been a shot of cold air with the passage of the cold front so therefore, look at these temperatures. i'm not sure if we have seen this since mid-january perhaps? 38 degrees in livermore. 39 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures pretty much in the 40s across the board. wow, 47 degrees in san francisco. we are in search of rain this morning and not finding any according to our live hi-def doppler radar. but we do have rain coming. right now our wind speeds for the most part are under 10 miles per hour. but 17 at sfo. 4 in san ramon. these winds will be fluctuating out of the west and increasing 10 to 20 miles per hour during the day not as blustery as
5:50 am
yesterday. all right. temperatures today in the 60s from 60 in pacifica to the mid- 60s across the bay, 65 san jose. these temperatures are averaging a couple of degrees below normal for this time of the year. i want to walk you slowly through the next several days because first off what we're talking about is tonight. a wimpy system working its way in overnight. so this time tomorrow morning when you wake up, the roads will be damp. we are expecting about less than two-tenths inch of rain. then another system comes in for the morning commute on thursday promising to bring about an inch and a quarter of rain to the wettest locations. then we have a more vigorous system by friday. between wednesday and friday the wettest locations of the northern mountains of the bay area, 4" of rain expected wednesday through friday, up to 2" in some areas then more storms come into the bay area with more rain saturday through monday. that's a look at the "eye on the storm." sometimes sky high rents force bay area tenants to think
5:51 am
outside the box and that's what one san francisco man is banking on. his van is posted on craigslist as a bedroom. he says it's clean and sleeps two. the owner says you can pick the neighborhood and he will park it there and the cost is tempting at $45 a day or $800 a month. what do you think? >> i think seacliff with the two red pillows, a bargain. laugh. time now is 5:51. next, why your next trip to the hairdresser could end up sending you to the hospital. we'll explain coming up. ,,
5:52 am
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ "gabriel lopez alcocer a man is under arrest in the attack on a soccer referee in san francisco. gabriel lopezalcocer is charged with battery resulting in a serious injury. officers arrested him friday in richmond. he had been on the run since last month. the suspect is accused of attacking a referee after he was ejected from a game at lovie ward athletic field. the ref was punched in the head and had a broken jaw and lost some teeth. six uc-santa cruz students are end arrest accused of running an ecstasy ring. this is what they seized in the sting. the drugs were shipped from overseas. in all, they confiscated more than 4 pounds of drugs worth
5:55 am
about $100,000. and here are the six students who have been arrested, three block to a fraternal and three others to to a sorority. the airport at sfo had 1.2 million passengers between february 1 and february 9 for the super bowl. retailers were up to 500% increase in sales. a southern california woman had a stroke after a trip to the beauty paralyzed all right. the 48-year-old woman was getting her hair watched at a san diego hair salon. she had a stroke almost two weeks later. her doctors say the position of her head in a wash basin likely caused a blood clot leading to stroke. a neurologist says this is rare but can happen when the neck is hyperextended.
5:56 am
>> when a patient is leaning his head back, you can possibly tear or irritate the circulation or have a stroke. >> initially i couldn't walk at all. i couldn't move -- it hitter both sides of my body but more my left so i couldn't move my left arm at all. >> doctors recommend using towels to prop up your head so you're not tilting it more than 20 degrees or face the basin and wash it that way. more trouble for pg&e in connection with the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the new accusations against that utility, coming up in the next hour. >> reporter: i'm kiet do. we're live in sunol at the scene of this train crash derailment. crews will be out here cleaning this up all day long. ,,,,,,
5:57 am
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i'm frank mallicoat we're following the latest developments after an ace t derailed in niles canyon... good morning. it's tuesday, march 8. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6: 00. an "ace" train derailed in niles canyon at 7:30 last night going from san jose to stockton. 214 people were on board. and these are live pictures now from chopper 5 over the crash scene. it could be days before the scene is back to normal. kiet do is live with new details about the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. i want to orient you on where we are right now. we are 1 1/2 miles west of the 680-84 interchange directly off niles canyon road. the train was going westbound so it is moving from right to left on the screen. union pacific now says the front of the train hit a mud slide that also contained a downed tree not a lone tree like was initially


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